Herb Kohl

Educational Foundation, Inc

Accept a Nomination

The application and letters of recommendation submission deadline for teachers nominated for the 2019 Herb Kohl Fellowship is Tuesday, November 27 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time. 

If you have been nominated for a 2019 award, start your application today! The three people you choose to write letters of recommendation will not be able to submit their letters until you have completed and submitted your application.  We recommend that you complete and submit your application at least two weeks in advance of the deadline so that your recommenders will have time to upload their letters.  Once you've submitted, your recommenders will receive an email that will provide information on how to submit their comments.   


Nominees will be sent an email notification of their nomination and a link to the online application form.  In order to provide all nominees an equal opportunity, they must follow all instructions in the application form. 

Nominees will be evaluated on the following:
1.  personal educational philosophy
2.  how they work to raise achievement for all students
3.  innovative projects/programs
4.  commitment to their community
5.  unrealized goals for their classroom or professional development
6.  positive aspects they see in education and changes they would like to see made

Each nominee must submit three letters of recommendation; one must come from someone outside the immediate school community who is not currently employed by the diocese/jurisdiction or is a board member.  Letters may come from former students, parents, community members, colleagues in a professional association not directly linked to their school or diocese/jurisdiction, or a university or college professor. All letters should enhance the nominee’s application by illustrating specific examples of the teacher's skills and contributions, knowledge, or attributes emphasized in the application materials.

Each jurisdiction receives an application allotment based on the total student enrollment of the jurisdiction.  Jurisdiction representatives receive this allotment number in September. Applications and letters of recommendation for the 2019 Fellowship must be completed online by November 27, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time.  

Please note that some jurisdictions may have separate rotation schedules in which schools are eligible to participate each year.  If you are unsure if your jurisdiction has its own rotation schedule, please check with your superintendent/WCRIS representative first before completing an application.  Your superintendent/WCRIS representative, with contact information, can be found on the WCRIS website under “WCRIS Board Members”.