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“Investing in education pays the best interest”

- Ben Franklin

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Teacher Fellowship Program

The Kohl Teacher Fellowship program recognizes and supports teaching excellence and innovation in the State of Wisconsin, USA.

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Principal Leadership Award

The Kohl Leadership Award celebrates excellent school principals & administrators in the State of Wisconsin, USA.

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A Note on Student Scholarships

With the loss of our benefactor, Senator Herb Kohl, we are immersed in the process of honoring his wishes while working to keep his memory and legacy alive. This has ushered in a period of transition and change not only for the foundation but also for its beneficiaries.

Through the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation, for more than thirty years, Senator Kohl generously and proudly celebrated excellence in education by recognizing teachers, students, school principals and schools. During that time, his education foundation provided close to 7,000 scholarships to Wisconsin students to reward their hard work and initiative.

Going forward, the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation will continue to exist as a vocal champion for the one job that makes all other jobs possible – teachers, and by extension, school principals and leaders. Recognizing the significance of the profession’s enduring impact, service and innovation, Senator Kohl challenged us to continue to lift up Wisconsin’s teachers and support their passions and ideas. However, as we lean into that work, we need to make hard choices and one of those means that the foundation will no longer offer new student scholarships. Previously awarded scholarships will be fully honored.

Ben Franklin famously said, “the investment that pays the greatest dividend is in education.” Investing in education will always be part of our mission. Please know it has been a privilege to help our Kohl scholars pursue higher education. As gratifying is the fact that many Kohl Scholarship winners have gone on to pursue the field of education and to earn Kohl Teacher Fellowship honors.

Thank you for your interest in the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation. For scholarship seekers, please explore other scholarship opportunities at these sites: Grants & Scholarships from State of Wisconsin DFI Scholarship Websites by US News (commercial site with tracking)

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As we navigate this changed world, we look forward to continuing Herb Kohl’s legacy in new ways that foster collaboration, impact and joy.