Herb Kohl

Educational Foundation, Inc

Application & Selection

Application and Selection Process
Students must submit their completed applications online no later than December 1, 2017.  Selection of finalists will be made by a committee named by the WPA Board of Directors.  On or before December 8, 2017, WPA will advance the finalists to the state level. 

The state selection committee will consist of representatives from the Wisconsin Parents Association, Cooperative Educational Service Agencies, Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools (WCRIS), Wisconsin Newspaper Association, Herb Kohl Educational Foundation, education-related associations, and the community.  The committee will convene in late January, 2018 to score applications.  Award recipients will be contacted by the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation in early March, 2018.

Use of Scholarship Grant
A Kohl Excellence Scholarship may only be used to directly reimburse tuition, room and board, books, equipment, technology, and fees for postsecondary education.  In August 2018, the Herb Kohl Foundation will make the scholarship grants directly to the postsecondary institutions that the scholarship recipients attend. 

Scholarship recipients will be honored and will receive certificates representing their awards at a special luncheon held in the spring.